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Board of Directors




The Board of Directors for the Corporation shall consist of one representative appointed from each of the participating communities and/or First Nation and each shall serve for a two year term. 





The NWCFDC requests that each Community/First Nation select a representative that meets the following conditions/characteristics.
Each representative shall:
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  1. Be 18 years of age or older; 
  2. Be willing and able to attend all meetings of the Board of Directors (4-6 meetings per year); 

  3. Be interested in serving their Community/First Nation on regional board and be able to provide communication/consultation between their home community and the Corporation on a regular basis; 

  4. Be committed to the concept of economic, social and human resources development and respected for their views by their home Community or First Nation; 

  5. Be committed to the concept of teamwork, open and honest dialogue and willing to share the workload of activities needed to make the Corporation successful; 

  6. Understand and appreciate that confidential information of the Board of Directors must remain confidential to the Board and must not be shared with others who have no need for access to confidential information about clients of the Board of the corporation; 

  7. Not be an employee of the Corporation.

​​Board Composition:


Board Composition:


The Corporation will strive to have gender-balanced representation.  The composition of the board will aim to represent the following:


  • Education

  • Tourism

  • Community/Economic Development

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Communication

  • Transportation

  • Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge



A Board Member may resign their office by giving written notice of the resignation to the chairperson of the Corporation. In the event of the Chairperson resigning, notice shall be provided to the Vice-Chairperson and to the General Manager. A copy of all resignations shall go to the Board for their information. The resignation of any Board Member shall become effective upon receipt and acceptance by the Board. A vacancy on the Board occurring more than six months prior to the next scheduled Annual General Meeting shall be filled by re-appointment. The successful candidate shall serve the remaining term of the Board Member who has resigned. 


Board Members of the Corporation cease to hold office two days following the appointment of new Board Members and no formal written resignation shall be required. 

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